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More Coverage/Less Cost

Format: '80s Big Hair Bands

Demographic: Adults 35-64 (60% Male; 40% Female)

Geographic Region: Tri-Cities, Hermiston, Pendleton

Competetive Rates: Check our rates against any other radio in the regions we cover. You'll find U-Rock highly competetive, with special custom packages tailored to suite any budget. 

Listenership: There's no beter choice for advertising to adults! U-Rock Radio boasts a top music format and a one-of-a-kind vast coverage area. U-Rock has quickly become one of the most lsistened to raio stations in the Northeast Oregon and has quickly spred into Southesatern Washington. 

Production Quality: Tired of your commercials soudning like all the others? We make your business sound unique! U-Rock Radio employs dozens of the very best radio commercial producers in the Pacific Northwest, giving your advertisements a big market quality sound at no additional cost. 

Internet Streaming: U-Rock Radio streams its content live on the world wide web 24-7 on urockfm.com.  Our web site averages more than 20,000 hits per month. 

Coverage Map: Serving over 350,000 population!

Call us at 509-737-8762 or Email info@urockfm.com